About Us Your vision is our goal!

A Flair of Elegance Weddings and Events Designs is a wedding décor business owned and operated by Debie Haygood, of Rochester, New York. For many years she has hosted, planned and executed social events, small and large; giving special attention to specific decorating details.

Debie is very passionate about planning events and décor designs, even planning and executing her wedding ceremony. After years of receiving great reviews regarding her elegant designs and organizational skills she was inspired to become a professional wedding and events planner.

Her personal motivation to become a business owner led her to pursue higher education in this field. Now, as a graduate of the accredited Institute of Wedding and Events Design, IWED; Debie’s ability to transform a room into an exhibition of beauty has earned praises from clients and guests alike.

The finished look of her creations can only be described as amazing and elegant. Debie’s use of vibrant colors, quality fabrics and unique table settings set the atmosphere for a special and memorable occasion.

Deb’s goal is to provide quality service and superb customer satisfaction. A Flair of Elegance Weddings and Events Design is where creativity and sophistication come together to make your special day a memorable and elegant affair.

Why Hire a Wedding Designer?

A wedding is a beautiful and exciting event which often leaves you and your guest in awe. Yet, the many details involved in the planning, organizing and execution of a wedding can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to the bride and family.

That doesn’t have to be the case you can hire a professional Wedding Planner, Day Planner or an Event’s Coordinator to assist you in creating the desired atmosphere for your special day. This is an emotional, time consuming and high energy task; let A Flair of Elegance Weddings and Events Designs share the work load.

It is important the bride and family are as relaxed and comfortable leading up to the big event, this is where an outside resource can be most helpful and insightful.